Skinny Non-Slip Super Slim Hangers -Set of 20, White 42cm

Skinny Non-Slip Super Slim Hangers -Set of 20, White 42cm

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We have chosen really good quality hangers of varying shapes and sizes to satisfy all your wardrobe requirements. The Skinny Non-Slip Hangers are particularly good for delicate tops and jumpers and have a silicone grip. The rounded ends protect your clothing from hanger marks. Lisa Armstrong Fashion Editor at The Daily Telegraph recommended our skinny hangers as they take up less space and don't leave nasty dents in the shoulders. "the white ones at The Organised Home are objects of beauty in my opinion" Thsi is a super slim version of our Skinny hangers and is most suitable for lightweight tops, shirts, camisoles, blouses etc. Particularly good if you are very short on hanging space as you will fit more hangers in.

Organising Tip:

Here is our suggestion for organised wardrobes. Hang all the hangers facing the same way so they don't get tangled up as you take an item off. Choose all the same colour for a uniform look. Goes witho.....Read More





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