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  • "I recommend those skinny non-slip rubberised hangers. They take up less space and don't leave nasty dents in the shoulders. The white ones on The Organised Home are objects of beauty in my opinion. Lisa Armstrong - Fashion Editor"

  • "Gearing up for a declutter? Make it your business to discover The organised Home. Romaine Lowery's collection of stylish storage will offer you solutions you never new existed"

  • "The Organised home is a new website dedicated to sorting out your life. Yay! The products have been chosen by declutter expert Romaine Lowery"

  • "there’s never been a more elegant piece of storage than the mid-century sideboard. The retro rosewood beauty Fidar by Parisian label Kann Design is available at The Organised Home"

  • "Romaine Lowery of The Organised Home, an expert in domestic decluttering, is a fan of the new look clothes racks. Lowery’s bestselling Lume rack is the cutest I’ve come across from Finnish brand BeDesign"

  • "Romaine’s careful edit of products from an array of international brands and designers have all been hand-picked and tested for practicality and good looks"

  • "I love the fact that my newly bare wardrobe exudes a wonderful sense of calm and order. When I hit the shops, Romaine’s words-does this make me look and feel fabulous-will be ringing in my ears"

  • "Romaine advises you start by picking out six of everything (six shirts, six trousers and so on) to sort through- it’s less daunting that way"

  • "if all else fails call The Clutter Clinic! This fantastic team offer hands-on sorting of clutter and advice on editing your possessions"

  • "Lowery compares a house overhaul to a body detox: just as dieting half-heartedly has disappointing results, sorting a few drawers while leaving the rest of the home untouched is disheartening"

  • "New online store The Organised home is on hand to provide all manner of pleasing storage solutions, from rails to racks, boxes to baskets to kick start your sort out"

  • "The room is transformed beneath her magic touch, I could almost weep in gratitude. Verdict: brilliant, I wish I’d done it years ago. Life changing rating *****"

  • "Romaine Lowery founder of stylish home storage emporium The Organised Home suggests we invest in fewer but better items of clothing and then recycle them when they are worn out"

  • "She combines the property-prepping ruthlessness of the House Doctor with the style savy of Trinny & Susannah."

Romaine Lowery transforms a cluttered spare room on The Vanessa Show

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