How to organise

10 tips for organising your home

  • 1

    Store Like With Like

    This is totally fundamental to becoming organised. If you can’t ever find anything, it is because there is no order to the way you store your possessions. Keep like items together and save yourself time and stress on a daily basis.

  • 2

    Store Logically

    Have the things you use regularly close to hand in the room in which they are used. If you have paperwork stuffed in drawers and cupboards all over the house, then create a home office space and file it all away.

  • 3

    Assign A Home

    If you don’t assign a home for all your things, you can’t ever put them away and so your house will very quickly become disorganised. There is always a method for storing any household object. Once you have a system in place, it’s incredibly easy to accommodate new items you have bought, as you will know exactly where to store them.

  • 4

    Box Clever

    If your space is starting to feel overwhelmed by stuff and you don’t know where to store anything-get some boxes. Containers that can be labelled for content and stored like with like housing spare beauty products, baking supplies, batteries, light bulbs etc. Keep overspill in order and organise by category.


Hang it all

With limited floor space you need to think vertically. Use your wall space for books, ornaments and photos. Don’t buy yet another floor standing unit that will eat into your small space and make it look cluttered. Think shelves, cabinets, hooks, display boxes.

  • 6

    let it go

    Before you even think about storing anything, consider whether you really need to keep it. Abandon extreme sentiment over everything you own. Edit the contents of each room thoroughly and free up the space for the things you really do need. Only keep the things you love or use. Someone else will use the stuff you don’t, so take it to the charity shop.

  • 7

    Put it away

    Don’t leave things lying around after you’ve used them-put them back. This way clutter will never begin to accumulate. Recognise if you are the kind of person who plans to put away later but somehow never does. Likewise, if you have been shopping, unpack your goods as soon as you return and store away in their designated ‘home’.

  • 8

    Daily Organising Tasks

    If you spend 15 minutes a day opening your mail, taking out the rubbish and recycling newspapers, then junk mail, leaflets and clutter piles will never build up. This is super-quick-anyone has time to stop clutter in its tracks. Feed your new found taste for order.

  • 9

    Reduce Recycle & reuse

    Practice this daily and you will become more adept at recognising what is worth keeping and what isn’t. You will also develop a recycling habit and keep control of your possessions. Positive habits can make all the difference to your wellbeing.

  • 10

    Love the home you are in

    Space versus possessions is an eternal battle. Forget about perfection, just be more organised. Remember that less is definitely more. If you want to come home to a calm organised space then just do it. Give yourself space to breathe.

Websites We Recommend


Make some cash from selling things of value. If you don’t have time to use ebay yourself then these guys will do it for you. They can collect or you can deliver, then you can just sit back, forget about it and wait for the cheque.


Will come and take away absolutely anything from old bikes to broken glass. For a fee, two men and a truck will appear at your door and remove all the things you no longer need. They also recycle over 60% of the items they receive.


The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers have a network of members throughout the UK who can help you organise your home if you are struggling on your own. They can also offer advice on keeping your home organised in the long term.

10 tips for buying storage

  • 1

    Storage By Design

    You can’t organise your home without great storage solutions. Add interest to your interiors with statement storage that is both stylish and practical. We have edited fab finds from around the world to solve every storage problem you may have. If you are seeking innovative storage then The Organised Home has everything you need in one place. Whatever you plan to organise-do it in style.

  • 2

    Supersize Your Storage

    In a small space it works really well to have one large piece of storage rather than lots of little ones. So put up a large bathroom cabinet to contain all your lotions and potions, replacing the clutter of lots of fiddly storage. Pick a gorgeous sideboard for your living room to contain all your messy media things and provide a sleek surface for display.

  • 3

    Hide & Seek

    If you are constantly chasing the lost scissors, batteries, charger, pens and more, then you haven’t got the right storage. Assign one of your kitchen drawers as a “junk drawer” but don’t just chuck it all in. You need to divide everything up with organisers so that you can clearly see and find those vital bits and pieces when you need them. Concealment needs just as much thought as display.

  • 4

    Out Of The Closet

    It’s a very modern malaise to have bulging wardrobes in which we can no longer find our clothes. To get in control of your clothes buy matching functional hangers and face them all the same way. Divide your clothes into categories, keeping the smalls in drawers and the fiddly stuff in containers. Fit shoe racks in the bottom of your wardrobe. Matching lidded storage look good on top of a wardrobe for seasonal items. Don’t hang Jeans, t- shirts and sweaters –fold them flat on shelves or in drawers instead. Divide and conquer to tame your accessories.

  • 5


    We love shelves, bookcases, display cubes, hooks, racks and all manner of wall hung storage. Think carefully about what you want to store or display and match your choices to your colour scheme. Buy to last and take it all with you when you move.

  • 6

    The Power of Three

    A trick of the trade that interiors stylists use is to style like items in groups of three. Visually this has much more impact than two or four. So group your lovely storage containers in threes and leave a gap then repeat. Make sure the containers are matching for a sleek styled look.

  • 7


    Flexible modular storage can be added to as your family requirements change. You could devote an entire wall of floor to ceiling storage. This will create a smart feature with a range of concealed and open storage. Invest in the best storage system you can afford and if you are planning to move, buy freestanding rather than built in.

  • 8


    Add a designer edge to a room with furniture that cleverly incorporates hidden storage. Wall mounted lights that can hold a book, coffee tables with magazine storage, seats that can hold toys. There are ever more ingenious pieces to help you create a feeling of space in your home.

  • 9

    Clear Winners

    A neat trick for small spaces is to have storage of clear glass or acrylic. In effect these are invisible pieces of furniture that increase the sense of space, as the eye looks straight through them. Clear coffee tables, nests of tables, storage containers and even bookcases that act as room dividers are functional ,contemporary and space enhancing.

  • 10

    Feeling Sentimental

    Finally, sentimental memorabilia are nice to have, however they tend to accumulate at an incredible rate. Keep only the most meaningful and choose a storage box for each member of the family to stop them scattering all over the house. Label boxes and store on a high shelf in wardrobes to keep them safe and dust free.