Design Talk

Tina Frey Designs

Tina Frey-at window

How would you describe your unique style and aesthetic?

Simple clean shapes and calm colours.

When starting a new project, what is the creative process each product goes through?

When I start a new project, it is usually with a piece that has some function in mind. I like to make the most minimal design as possible, while still ensuring that it goes well with the existing collection. I begin with a visual idea in my mind and start sculpting the shape accordingly.

Tina frey office

When looking for new ideas is there a particular thing you do to look for inspiration?

I love looking at things in nature or things found by the sea. For example, I like the idea of stones, driftwood or glass that has been tumbled by the sea and sand, which results in soft shapes that are nice to the touch.

How do you view the development of storage products in interior design?

I really like making things that have a function. One of the ways to do this is to make vessels that are multi purpose. I love that they can be used for storage, to hold a plant or organise things on your desk. I think the vessels should look sculptural and pretty, even when they are sitting on a table or desk.

Tina frey plant

How do you feel your products fulfill both form and function?

The products fulfill both since the vessels look sculptural when they are in use, as when they are not in use. As a grouping on a table, they look decorative and simple and add interest to wherever they are sitting in your home.

Why did you decide to focus on using resin in your product designs?

I like the unique qualities of resin. It can look like porcelain, glass or like something soft that invites you to touch and be surprised.

Catalog-Cover Fall 2015

How long does it take to develop a new product through design, prototype, production and into the shops?

The timing to develop a new product can be a few weeks to over a few months. Sometimes the ideas come quickly and when I sculpt it, it turns out like how I want easily. Sometimes it can take a few iterations and I leave it aside and look at it again and sculpt it again until it feels right. Actual production can take 8-10 weeks since each piece is completely handmade. It starts with the clay prototype, which is then molded with handmade mold. They are then hand cast and hand finished with care.


Which beautifully designed storage or organising product do you covet?

I love the Square Vessels. There are a set of 5 square vessels that nest within each other when they are not in use. I like using them with the Long and Short Troughs which are great for fruit on a long farm table. It is nice to display the bounty of the seasons while being functional.

Are you fanatical about buying great storage for your own home?

Yes, I love making organising a fun process and it is easier to do it when you have pretty vessels to put things in.

Do you have any great organising tips you can pass on?

Having pretty, colourful vessels definitely makes it easier to organise.