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1. How important is it for you to be organised when travelling?

Being organised for a trip is incredibly important to me. From clothes and accessories to my technology and photography equipment, there are lots of things to prepare in advance of a travel blogger’s trip. Part of my job is to produce content about the places that I travel to and if I forget one essential item the content for the trip could be ruined. There’s no excuse for forgetting things!

2. What prompted you to focus on The Travelista Blog and lifestyle?

Writing and travel have always been my two biggest passions in life and by creating The Travelista in March 2013, I found a way to combine both of them. Being able to travel as part of my job is the best feeling in the world, but I equally enjoy writing up my trips as well as the experience itself. I found it hard to settle in to my 9-5 jobs because I don’t like routine. Going freelance to become a full time travel blogger and social media consultant was the best thing I ever did!


3. What are your favourite holiday beauty essentials?

When I am travelling to places with a hot climate I prefer to wear lighter make up, so I always take a Garnier tinted moisturiser with me. It has built in SPF to protect your skin and gives your complexion a lovely natural glow. My hair is naturally curly so I like to go au natural on my travels by letting my hair dry naturally and using Toni and Guy’s Twist it Curl it balm. I couldn’t travel anywhere without my TangleTeaser either!

4. What is your packing style?

I know lots of people like to roll their clothes now to avoid creases but I am a classic folder. I like to lay everything out on my bed and categorise piles by ‘day outfits’, ‘night outfits’ and ‘basics’. I prefer to pack outfits together rather than tops and bottoms as that way I know what should be worn together.


5. Do you think it’s important to have a travel checklist and do you use notebooks or a diary when travelling?

I suppose my travel checklist is in my head as I am so used to travelling, but it’s definitely worth making a list if you don’t travel that frequently. I always travel with a blank notebook when travelling so I can note down key bits of information to include when writing up my blog posts. I always note down the names of all the restaurants I eat at too. I love putting pen to paper so choose a notepad over digital notes.

6. As you travel so often do you keep certain items packed and ready to go at short notice?

Yes absolutely! I have a bag of mini toiletries that are ready to go whenever I need to travel. I have larger versions of the products that I keep at home, but the minis always come away with me. I also have a little First Aid Kit with things like plasters, ibuprofen and after bite which is always packed and ready to go.

7. Which way do you pack your clothes – folding or rolling and why?

Folding because rolling seems like it would take lots more time!

8. Which possessions do you love to have around you when you are away from home?

My camera! I never go anywhere without it. Even if it’s a trip to the local seaside, you never know what photo opportunities may come up. I also love to take a silk nightie or silk set of pyjamas for an extra touch of luxury. Apart from that there isn’t really anything else I need.


9. Are there any really well designed travel products that you covet?

Whoever designed the first portable phone charger was genius! They’re a lifesaver for me as I am often on social media throughout the day when I travel and I can run my battery down fast. I also love my new Samsonite Cosmolite suitcase in midnight blue. It has a hard shell and a built in lock and is the lightest case I have ever used. So easy to manoeuvre as well!

10. Any travel hacks along the way that make the journey less stressful?

There is nothing more stressful than rushing through an airport, so always arrive in plenty of time. If you’re checking in online for a flight, always select your seats at the back of the aircraft. The plane fills from front to back, so you have way more chance of getting 3 seats to your self if the flight isn’t full. I always do this and often manage to get a row of 3 seats to myself, so I can stretch out and sleep the whole way!

11. To date where is your favourite travel destination and why?

There are too many to choose from but one recent place that really stole my heart was Bali. The people are so friendly, the scenery is spectacular, the food is to die for and there is a calming and powerful energy everywhere you go. I spent some time up in the highlands of Ubud and had the most incredible meditation and spa experience of my life. I would love to go back and spend more time there. I learnt a lot about myself on that trip!


12. What are your top three travel tips?

• If you want to do a day of sightseeing, look on a map and plan your route before setting off. That way you can make sure you’re seeing everything in the most time effective way, without spending time getting lost or retracing your steps.
• Many hotels can be misleading when describing their location online. So, when booking a hotel, always check the location on Google Maps and see where it is in relation to other key landmarks in the city. This way you can work out how well located it is.
• If you’re travelling to a new destination, try to go armed with a few bar, hotel and restaurant recommendations. Use blogs, social media or ask friends and family, there will always be someone who has been there before you!

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