My Organised Home



1. How important is it to you to have an organised home?

I like to be organised so I can find what I’m looking for. I’m not super organised and like to have things around me but I do have systems and places where I like to store stuff. When my systems are not followed by the rest of the studio and my household, it gets impossible to find anything and I often enough end up going out buying a new bag of screws, resentfully knowing that I’ve got them somewhere in the workshop and can’t find them.


2. What’s your organising style?

I like to have my items as visible as possible in the space but with a sense of hierarchy and order. I have found that over the years the needs and the nature of what you store changes. I think it’s important to have a mix where the less aesthetic things are hidden and your personal objects and mementos are on display.

3. Which interiors brand do you keep going back to and why?

Muji, I like the different storage solutions and that their “non designed” philosophy has always remained consistent.

4. Is there a design item you covet?

My gold Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that I bought at a car boot sale in Copenhagen. On a more personal note I love the handmade gifts made for me bymy husband that I receive on my birthdays.


5. Do your organising skills extend to your workplace and desk?

Creative projects have a habit of generating clutter in their wake – delegation is key here.  Within the design studio, everyone takes responsibility for keeping shared workspaces in order, as well as their own.



6. Which possessions do you love to have around you?

I have a lot of inspirational objects in my studio, anything from stones, shaped strings, antique screw heads, models etc. I had a similar question last year as part the ‘Moleskin Sketch Relay’ and so we drew them all on a A4 page!

7. Can you find things easily in your wardrobe?

Yes I have an intuitive sense of where things are, so no problem there.

8. What will you never get rid of?

I do in general not like to get rid of anything, but every now and then we do have a tidy up but most things I have brought into our house and studio  because I like them.



9. Do you collect anything?

I have mini collections of objects and drawings and like to have them on display. They are a strange mix sometimes because of the material or the way they are made, but always because they have some kind of inherent beauty.

10. Do you have any organising tips you can share?

Always get a lot of built- in storage, one can never have too much of it. Look for unusual places where you can maximise your storage options. Make sure you can easily access the items that are hidden away. Every so often review what you have and assess if you really need and use it, if not be ruthless and clear it away.