My Organised Home

Mia Cara


1. How important is it to you to have an organised home?

I am a very tidy person, that is part of my DNA. I like to keep things structured and organised in whole life, not only at home. In today’s complex and sometimes overwhelming world I think this is the only way to keep up with the important things and keep your sanity. Your home and the way you live is a reflection of yourself and therefore I like it very neat and tidy at home as well.

2. What’s your organising style?

I like to organise everything by project, type or category, whether it is physically or digitally. Therefore I put things in stacks or into folders that I label. For me this is the best way to find things again when I am looking for them. At home I like to put belongings in closets, drawers or special containers, so that things do not lay around or get lost.

Dogbar shelf square

3. Which interiors brand do you keep going back to and why?

I am a big fan of “modern classics” as these are timeless pieces of furniture that will never come out of fashion (at least not in my lifetime). I am especially impressed with Vitra and Hay both in terms of their product portfolios and also what they have achieved as brands. In terms of Sofa, Chaisse Lounge and arm chair design I prefer Italian brands like B&B Italia, Flexform and Cassina. My favourite lamp is Twiggy from Foscarini.


4. Is there a design item you covet?

This would definitely be the Eames Lounge Chair from Vitra. Besides my personal longing to have one in our living room, this is one of the most iconic pieces of furniture. I always wanted to have a Bauhaus style bungalow with a two story high open living room and an Eames Lounge Chair in front of the fireplace.


5. Do your organising skills extend to your workplace and desk?

As I spend most of my time at work, or working for that matter, this is where I need to be organised the most. Although a “zero inbox” or an “empty desk” for example remain an utopian dream for me I still try to improve my organising skills every day to keep up with things.


6. Which possessions do you love to have around you?

Personal things that matter and especially those that were given to me by family and friends. But I only keep those items around me that have been exceptionally designed and stand the test of time. These are mostly things that have a useful functional aspect and that please the eye no matter how often you look at them.

7. Can you find things easily in your wardrobe?

Most of the time yes.

8. What will you never get rid of?

Personal things that have a) nostalgic or b) memorable aspects to them to them like pictures, letters, things that my children made for me or gave me as presents. Also old vinyl records or things that remind me of something special in the past.

9. Do you collect anything?

No, although I am sure my wife would answer this differently. According to her I collect almost everything!

10. What inspired you to design and create award winning luxury pet accessories?

It all started with our Labrador Cara. When buying dog accessories for her we again and again noticed that many of them simply do not fulfill their promise. Either they were unattractive or they simply lacked functionality. When Cara one day refused to even lie down on a new dog bed because she was afraid of the rustle of the styrofoam balls filling, that was the light bulb moment when we decided that this could be done so much better. We conceived the idea for a range of dog products that embodies our design philosophy – ‘form follows function’.

MC_19022_Cushions_Lino_Graphite_M_Chili_15837 V2

Working with a number of high profile product and interior designers, MiaCara products are created first and foremost to meet the needs of the animal; comfort, quality and durability are at the heart of our brand’s values. Combining this with a stylish, modern yet down to earth approach to design, our products have become a firm favourite with design conscious dog and cat owners over the past few years.

11. Do you have any organising tips you can share?

Don’t keep everything (although I admit this is hard for me too) and don’t put something in a place that is not the final designated place for it just because you want it out of your way for now. It always pays off in the long-run to plan a good organising system beforehand. That holds true for personal belongings as well as documents and digital information.