My Organised Home


Nomess close up

1. How important is it to you to have an organised home?

It is very important for me to organise my home, so that I don’t have to look for everything when I need it. It gives me a lot less to think about, when I have busy days. With everything organised I can relax, because order for me creates some tranquillity. I am a very visual person, I feel a lot better with clean surfaces and I think lots of people can relate to this.

2. What prompted you to focus on designing organising products?

I moved back to Denmark after several years abroad and I felt a need for products to organise my everyday essentials. I couldn’t find storage products in a nice design – I just wanted something really simple and functional in good quality, so I decided to start my own business. Since then, Nomess Copenhagen has developed and we are now also producing both travel essentials and furniture.

Nomess acrylic bath crop

3. What is your favourite Nomess design?

It’s not easy for me to choose one product, because I have been involved so deeply in the whole process. One of the most personal and important products for me is the Balsabox Personal, which has become a design icon for Nomess Copenhagen. The idea came to me after watching my daughter and her friends getting ready for a party and desperately needing something to store all their products in. With the Balsabox Personal you get a portable beauty station that makes it possible to get ready everywhere.

Nomess balsa personal2

4. What is your organising style?

I organise my things so everything has its place in the area where I need it. This saves me a lot of time in my everyday life. We recently moved to a smaller place, and to decorate a new home and find room for lots of your old things makes it important not to have two of a kind. There is no need having 4 paper scissors when you only use one at a time.

5. Which interiors brand to you keep going back to and why?

Companies like Vitra, Muji, Cappellini and Ikea because they have a strong design gene, are inspiring and have an impressive business.

6. Is there a design item you covet?

Boby by Joe Colombo. It is such a lovely and smart trolley that we all need for all our bits and pieces.


7. Do your organising skills extend to your workplace and desk?

My desk is my working station, and it is where I keep my plans and schedule together. It’s important that I have good space around me, but I have to confess that my organising skills are not always showing at my working desk. I would rather focus on my job and bringing things to life.

8. Which possessions do you love to have around you?

Personal things that matter – like a heart of stone found and given by my daughter and a 100% round stone found and given by my son.

9. Can you find things easily in your home?

As I said, I like to have everything in its place, so it is easy to find.

10. What will you never get rid of?

Our grand piano which we bought many years ago in Denmark and which has been with us through many moves. It’s such a beautiful instrument and I love to hear my children play, when they stop by once in a while. One day we will pass it on to our son when he has the room for it, but it will not leave the family.

11. Do you collect anything?

As many women I adore shoes and bags. It’s difficult to get the time to shop when I am at home, so whenever I am travelling I have to buy a new bag or some shoes. But when I buy new ones – an old pair must leave one of the Nomess shoe drawers!

nomess shoe drawer

12. Do you have any organising tips you can share?

Over all I think it is important that your daily routines work as easy as possible. For instance, when I do my bedclothes, I make sure to fold the pillowcase with the duvet cover. That prevents me from searching for something to match.  Also, make sure you have a system for all the small things, as well to avoid a messy home and instead showing the clean surfaces.