Design Talk

Design house stockholm



How would you describe Design House Stockholm’s  unique style and aesthetic?

Design House Stockholm is the publishing house for Scandinavian design. For us Scandinavian design is what we are. Function is very important when we choose products. The products must also have uniqueness.

When starting a new project, what is the creative process each product goes through?

Since we are a publishing house for Scandinavian design, designers send their suggestions to us. We think the best idea comes within the designer himself (without a brief). We select and choose from our criteria’s; Scandinavian look, function and uniqueness. If we find a product we like, we set up a meeting with the designer together with our product council.


When looking for new ideas, is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

Since we don’t look for new products in a traditional way, new products comes to us through mail, we take inspiration from the fact that the product has a Scandinavian look. We are attracted to function, look and uniqueness.


How do you view the development of storage products in interior design?

Storage products have always been important in a home. Nowadays the uniqueness and the aesthetic comes hand in hand with function in a different way than before, a good way.

Clarify for us the Scandinavian obsession with form and function

It goes way back. The Scandinavian people are very practical. The Scandinavian form with light colours and genuineness for material such as wood, ceramic and leather is part of our culture and heritage.


Why is the emphasis at Design House Stockholm on traditional materials?

Design House Stockholm loves traditional material due to it’s genuineness. We think we have a traditional use with our products.

How long does it generally take to develop a product from design, through prototype and production and into shops?

It depends on type of product. If it’s a smaller product, like kitchenware it takes about 6-12 month for the idea to reach our customers. Here we have great factories that we have been working with for a very long time. If it’s a material or an idea we haven’t worked with before, it may take a bit longer.

Which beautifully designed storage or organising product do you covet?

There can never be too many ideas for storage products. However I don’t miss any product on the market right now. New ideas are always welcome. Many innovative things are still to be developed.

Is simplicity of design and attention to detail something most Scandinavians grow up taking for granted?

Yes I think so. It’s a part of our life.

Do you have any great organising tips you can pass on?

For me personally, it’s always to have everything in its place. Reorganise if the solution you have at home doesn’t work!