My Organised Home


Dan Hopwood

1. How important is it for you to have an organised home?

I am one of those extremes type of people probably typical of creatives. I love to tidy up to make a mess. I need everything in place before I start any type of project, it puts my mind in the right place. However I have just completed the refurbishment of my own home and I have to admit now that I have a place for everything, I am loving being there.

2. How does your approach to interior design incorporate great storage solutions?

Being an interior designer in London I understand the value of using every square inch of space to maximum effect. For example wardrobes aren’t just wardrobes in my studio, they are as tailored to an individual as their clothes. Can you imagine the joy of being able to look at all your shoe and bags at once, it’s even better than staring at art.

3. What is best favourite storage solution in your home?

My double drawer dishwasher from Fisher Pykel as I never need to empty it, I just rotate between each drawer.

4. What is your organising style?

Colour of course and season. Summer to the left winter to the right..

5. Which interiors brand do you keep going back to and why?

Have you tried West elm? They seem to have nailed it on price and style. I love their rugs both patterned and plain.
westhelm rug image crop

6. Is there a design item you covet?

I love the work by the German designer Sebastian Herkner having found him ISalone in Milan a few years back. His work is so simple but effective. I could see his little marble side table called Salute parked next to my Minotti Blake swivel chair.


7. Do your organising skills extend to your workspace and desk?

Interior Designers have to have a lot of stuff in their studios, books fabric samples, lumps of marble you name it. I keep them all tidy with the Vitsoe shelving and storage system. They are so well designed by Dieter Rams in the 60’s and if I move they are easily re-assembled in the new place.


8. Which possessions do you love to have around you?

I like books and art. I have recently bought some art from Sophie Smallhorn. She did an installation at Olympic stadium. I enjoy her play with colour and shape.

9. Can you find things easily in your home?

Yes I can, everything has its place and I stick to William Morris’s advice “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

10. What will you never get rid of?


11. Do you collect anything?


12. Do you find designing small spaces a challenge?

I love designing small space, after all I make my living doing so. There are lots of effective ways to use small spaces, the difficult bit is to give them personality rather than looking like a caravan.

13. Do you have any organising tips you can share?

Read Marie Kondo’s book The life changing magic of tidying.