My Organised Home

Amanda Lamb TV Presenter

Amanda lamb Q&A

1. How important is it for you to have an organised home?

I have a busy lifestyle presenting, working from home and looking after two young children so being extremely well organised saves my sanity and means I am less stressed.

2. What is your organising style?

My home is organised by storing like with like in boxes within drawers and cupboards. I am a big fan of storage furniture. I will always look at the storage potential of anything we buy for the house. So our coffee table is a large trunk with divided storage space inside and our dining room table is an antique cartographers table with drawers so that we can store the children’s drawing stuff inside.

3. Which interiors brand do you keep going back to and why?

I regularly look for basic storage solutions in John Lewis, Klass Ohlsen and Ikea.

4. Is there a design item you covet?

Although it doesn’t really fit with the rest of our interiors style I am thinking of getting the Palm Tree Floor Light from Rockett St George just because I love it’s kitschness.

5. Do your organising skills extend to your home office and desk?

I love my 1950’s industrial desk in my home office and I use a vintage filing cabinet with drawers dedicated to each family member so that I can easily find paperwork.

6. Which possessions do you love to have around you?

We have been gradually adding to our art collection and for a wedding gift we were given vouchers for The Affordable Art Fair which was fab as we could enjoy choosing the perfect piece. Sometimes I just fall for a piece and have to have it and recently bought a Kingfisher in a bell jar that is really striking.

7. Can you find things easily in your home?

I can find things easily at home because I always store like with like and also near where they are used. We recently added a daybed to our living room and I had drawers fitted beneath this for all our board games.

8. What will you never get rid of?

I treasure cards from the kids and my husband and have a sentimental items box for this purpose. However I love decluttering and can be pretty ruthless about getting rid of things we don’t need or use.


9. Do you collect anything?

The only thing I collect is art and this is quite an eclectic mix by artists we love.

10. Are you good at organising your clothes as you have to look good for TV?

Absolutely –I follow the seasonal mantra and put all winter clothes and accessories in our attic and then swap with summer clothes twice a year. I have to be organised to dress for TV and so my wardrobe is subject to regular culls. I became really good at packing for holidays after working on A Place In The Sun and lay out my clothes a couple of days before I go then gradually take away about half so that I can pack light.

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11. Do you have any organising tips you can share?

Don’t panic if you feel overwhelmed by clutter in your home. Start with one room and use 3 large cardboard boxes to put items to donate, keep as sentimental or sell. Methodically go through everything in that room and you will feel motivated to tackle the next room when you see the results. We all suffer from “stuffocation” to a point and simply own too many things. Keep the things you love and use.

12. What is your key advice for decluttering or organising when selling houses?

Imagine the removal van is turning up in the morning and your house has to be emptied. You should start the decluttering process for a move about 2-3 months beforehand and make sure you have time to sell things you don’t need and put that money towards something for your new home. Remember that most potential buyers can’t see past other people’s clutter and you are more likely to get offers quickly if you have decluttered and organised your home for viewings.

Amanda Lamb is currently presenting the latest series of Selling Houses on Channel 4