My Organised Wardrobe

Anna Murphy


1. How important is it to you to have an organised wardrobe or dressing room?

I am not sure if I am an organised person trapped in the body of a disorganised one, or if it’s the other way around! Essentially I am a person of two parts, and those parts are in a permanent state of negotiation.
My happy place is to be organised, but on a day to day basis a lack of time can result in me messing up what I have carefully sorted. Every few weeks I try to get myself – and my wardrobe – back on the straight and narrow again, otherwise it is a source of stress.

2. What’s your organising style?

I organise by clothing type, and within that type, arrange by colour. I have a separate wardrobe for coats and another one again for special-occasion stuff, because my job means that – in normal service – I am lucky enough to receive a fair few fabulous invites each season.
I don’t do a winter/summer swap over any more, aside from a few holiday-only pieces and some thick jumpers. I often used to leave it too late in the season to get out my other set of clothes. (As I said, half-organised, half disorganised!) Besides, as a city dweller, I wear a lot of things all year round, just layered up or down depending on the temperature.

3. Is there an item of clothing you currently covet?

I am a big fan of J&M Davidson’s cross-body Pebble bag – great quality and super-practical. Another front-row friend and I were discussing the other day how it is one of our all-time favourite accessories. I would love to get my hands on the new silver quilted version.

4. Can you find things easily in your wardrobe?

Yes. Even when my wardrobe is going through one of those phases when not everything is where it is supposed to be, I still know where that everything is!

5. Do you collect a particular type of clothing or accessory?

I have always loved earrings. I don’t feel dressed without them. You can transform the plainest of outfits with an ornate pair. Normcore plus chandelier earrings equals very fabulous, a lesson I learnt from one Miuccia Prada.











6. Which treasured item would you never get rid of?

I am pretty ruthless about getting shut of things. I don’t have much space, and so I have to be. But the dungarees I spent my student years in are never going anywhere, even though they probably should!

7. Which High Street brands do you favour?

Kitri, Me+Em, Essentiel Antwerp, Nrby Clothing.

8. What are your thoughts on conscious fashion?

It’s essential that both the industry and we consumers become more conscious. The industry needs to embrace the future, making all the amazing technological advances more available and affordable. And we need to relearn how our grandmothers shopped, buying less that’s better, and caring for it better, which includes keeping it properly organised.
We consumers also need to be prepared to pay more. Responsible fashion costs money. Fast fashion all too often fakes it to make it.
Together fashion producers and shoppers need to develop a kind of double vision, embracing the best of the past and the future to create a new, more sustainable future.

9. Have you ever had to keep excess clothing in a storage facility?

I can’t resist a fridge magnet whenever I visit a new country and I really love 1930’s chrome designs and have collected a few special pieces.

10. Which site would you recommend for selling good quality clothes?

I like the Arch Label Agency.


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