Design Talk:
DOMO Design


 1. How would you describe your unique style and aesthetic?
      • Timeless, discrete and completing. By that I mean that my products complete and lifts the feeling of the room in combination with the other furniture and interior details.

    • 2. When starting a new project, what is the creative process each product goes through?

      The first thing, without competition, is what benefit it would bring the customer together with what would go along with my line of designing. Everything else is secondary and challenges that we solve along the way.

3. When looking for new ideas is there a particular thing you do to look for inspiration?

The fact that I love design is enough inspiration for me and most of my ideas comes from within myself. It happens that I get some inspiration from design magazines as well, but I try to keep a watch out from taking too much impressions from magazines and other designers. I want to stay true to myself and my design, that keeps it interesting for me, my followers and my products.

    •  4. How do you view the development of storage furniture in interior design?

      It has really developed the past years. Today there’s a lot of both smart and interesting designed storage furniture.


       5. How do you feel your products fulfil both form and function?

      I believe the simplicity in our furniture makes them easy to like, in regards to both form and function. The expression “less is more” is old but is still true and explains quite well how you can look at functional furniture design.


                  • 6. How do you ensure every product has a meaning, purpose and function?

                    It’s very simple. I have built the company with a product design that I love and can stand behind it 100%. I can only hope that there’s like-minded people out there who also like it.

        7. How long does it take to develop a product through design and prototype to completion?

        It depends a bit on the demands and product difficulty. I have good people around me that help me making the process as short as possible without risking the product design and quality. In general I would say around 6 months.

8. Why did you decide to focus on minimalist furniture made of steel?

First of all like I mentioned before, I love the product design of minimalism it’s simply just a part of me. How I came to realize my design thoughts was through my family company “Kongamek” who have produced trolleys in steel for more than 30 years. One day I just realized that of course it should be furniture of steel when steel has been in the family for such a long time.


 9. Which beautifully designed storage or organising product do you covet?

That’s a really difficult question to answer, there is simply too many wonderful designers and brands.


10. Are you fanatical about buying great storage for your own home?

I wouldn’t say fanatic but of course I love buying furniture to my own home especially now when me and my family just finished designing and building our new home.

11. Do you have any great organising tips you can pass on?

Keep it simple.