Organising A-Z

A: Act now to get organised –don’t procrastinate

B: Buy less buy better

C: Containerise – store like with like in matching containers

D: Declutter – you can’t organise properly until you get rid of stuff

E: Eliminate the unloved things and display the treasured

F: File don’t pile – keep on top of paperwork as it comes in.

G: Give the things you no longer use or love to charity or friends

H: Home – organise and love the home you are in

I: Identify – wherever possible label the contents of boxes, containers and folders

J: Judgement – use your judgement to prioritise your possessions

K: Knowledge – know what methods of organising will fit your lifestyle

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L: Lists – never underestimate the power of a to do list

M: Motivation – once you get started the results will motivate you to continue

N: Negativity – clutter has a negative effect on your health and wellbeing

O: Organisation – reduces stress and will save you time and money

P: Plan in the time to get organised and a reward on completion

Q: Quality not quantity will simplify your life

R: Room by room-is the best way to break tasks down

S: Storage products will help you stay organised

T: Turn your clutter into cash on ebay or Gumtree

U: Utilise neglected wall space with beautiful shelves or storage cabinets

V: Visualise yourself in an organised home

W: Write a plan and act on it

X: X marks the spot-pick a room and begin

Y: You deserve an organised living space to relax in

Z: Zone the areas of your home and store things near where you use them


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