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The Expert’s Guide To Organising Your Wardrobe

Whilst we love the idea of Marie Kondo-ing our wardrobe, sorting through everything you own is a daunting task. But if you’re in need of some closet organisation, we’re here to help. With expert tips including what to chuck and the best ways to store your pieces, here’s how to achieve your very own #wardrobegoals…

Start With A Clear Out

“Drag out everything you own and collect it in one place, like the bed. Sort into categories: tops, jumpers, dresses, trousers, sports gear, shorts, t-shirts, fancy frocks etc. This lets you see just how much stuff you have but also shows the potential of the storage space you have available. Have four options when you’re sorting each pile: keep, fix, donate or bin.” Katherine Blackler of SortMySpace Ltd

Be Ruthless

“Don’t hang onto anything that is unflattering, doesn’t fit, is a mistake sale purchase, unwanted gift or an expensive but never worn item. If you haven’t worn something in the last year, then you probably never will.” Romaine Lowery, The Organised Home

“Donate any clothes you’ve outgrown in style, size or taste but are in good condition and will be well received in local charity shops. Even underwear can be donated with charities like Smalls For All who collect ‘gently used’ bras by post to distribute to Africa. Any clothes with stains, rips or holes will need to be thrown out, but some charity shops will collect them for rags and look out for clothing bank bins near supermarkets or charity shops.” Katherine Blackler


Stick To A System

“After your decluttering exercise, hang your clothes but place the hangers backwards over the rail. Each time you wear an item rehang the hanger the correct way. After six months you’ll clearly see which items you’ve not worn during that time, as the hangers will still be facing the wrong way. Some may be specialist items that you’ve had no occasions to wear, but others you’ll be able to part with more confidently knowing they’re definitely surplus in your life.” Katherine Blackler

Decide What Goes Where

“Coats take up lots of space so store them in the hall, utility room or by the back door. Knitwear should be folded and stacked by colour as should denim, with the brand pocket at the top so you can grab a pair quickly.” Romaine Lowery

“Coats are best stored in their coat bags, which most brands will have available upon purchasing a new coat, so ensure you ask for this. Knitwear is best in stackable storage compartments in your wardrobe, in storage boxes or inside drawers away from moths. Denim is highly durable – as long as you fold it, you can store it anywhere.” Sepideh Shayan, Head of Style Concierge at Harvey Nichols

Get Smart With Folding

“T-shirts, strappy tops, shorts, PJ’s and gym gear can all be stored in drawers. You can fit a lot into one drawer by folding clothes into thirds and back onto themselves. Then stack the clothes upright so that it resembles you looking down on a bookshelf with a spine of each item of clothing on display.” Katherine Blackler

Store Shoes Cleverly

“Shoes are best divided for ease and organisation. Put dressy shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe or on a shelf and group them by colour. Everyday shoes are best on a shoe rack in the hall, and store sports shoes in an attractive basket. If you have space and want to show off designer shoes they can look great organised by colour in a glass-fronted cabinet or on open shelves.” Romaine Lowery

“If you keep your shoes in their original boxes consider taking a picture of each pair and sticking the photo to the front edge of the box so you can easily see the contents when planning an outfit.” Katherine Blackler

Keep Lingerie Tidy

“Use drawer dividers to stop your underwear becoming a jumbled mess. Group bras, knickers, socks and tights by colour. Roll tights and socks and fold bras into the shape of one cup and store in a row, upright.” Romaine Lowery

Look After Your Handbags

“Always store handbags in their dust bags – this is really important as they are less likely to get damaged. Then you can either hang the dust bags on a handbag rail or store them in your wardrobe or storage boxes.” Sepideh Shayan

“Line bags on a shelf in the wardrobe by colour or size – whichever you find most useful – and use tissue paper inside to keep their shape. Store small evening bags in a cute box or basket, you can also display the most attractive on hooks.” Romaine Lowery

Transform A Small Space

“If you don’t have enough space for an extra wardrobe, go for a modern clothes rack with matching shoe rack, use the space under the bed with lidded dust proof containers or copy the Scandi look with wall or ceiling hung clothes rails.” Romaine Lowery

“Multi-hangers are really nifty and a great way to store lots of items if you’re really limited for space. Under bed storage boxes are huge space savers and make sure you’re only keeping seasonal clothes in your wardrobe at any given time. Don’t waste space with summer dresses during the winter when you won’t be wearing them for at least six months.” Sepideh Shayan

Go Luxe For Less

“You can still create a luxe wardrobe on a small budget – use acrylic organisers to divide up the space in your wardrobe, on shelves and within drawers. Get good quality matching hangers that protect the clothes and stop them falling to the floor and contemporary hooks on the wall can be used to display favourite scarves or bags.” Romaine Lowery

“Clean lines, and good storage accessories are the key to a smart wardrobe. Also, giving away anything you know you won’t wear anymore will help, as the secret to a luxe looking space is making it look really spacious.” Sepideh Shayan


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