In The Media April 2016

The Organised Home products and expert organising tips featured recently in the Sunday Times Home, The Sunday Telegraph Online and Bon Vivant Magazine.

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The Sunday Times –Home

Katrina Burroughs chose our BeDesign Lume Clothes Rack as the cutest example of the trend for beautifully designed clothes rails. “Typically clothes rails have been cheap and tacky and easily fall apart, however now designers have turned their attention to them, they have gone upmarket with practical and beautiful designs made to last. Increasingly, designer-maker chic clothes rails are on show in the hall, dressing room, utility room and in spare or children’s rooms where there may not be space for a wardrobe. No doubt we are influenced by stylish fashion bloggers looking fab by an edited rail of colour-coded clothes and if that inspires us to seek organised living, it’s all good” Romaine Lowery-The Organised Home


The Sunday Telegraph

The Organised Home contributed top tips for an article titled “how to live with a messy man”

1. Men love to hoard techie stuff, tons of vinyl, old DVD’s…but I’d always say, if you haven’t played it in the last two years, remove it. You can always download stuff to save on bulky storage.

2. If he won’t sort his wardrobe, appeal to his social conscience and say the school is having a charity collection. People are more likely to recycle if they think it’s for a good cause.

3. Rather than get him to sort through a huge pile of things he doesn’t wear anymore, pick out 6 of everything let him make decisions on those then repeat the process with the next batch of six until you have worked your way through everything in the wardrobe.

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Bon Vivant Magazine

Bon Vivant Magazine featured the gorgeous Kann Design Fidar Sideboard in Rosewood with orange and white doors. This retro sideboard effortlessly integrates form and function – combining classic and modern styling. Parisian label Kann Design haven’t scrimped on storage either –with two main cupboards and three drawers to store away necessities.

Kann Design Fidar Sideboard Rosewood


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