“Wisdom is organised life” stated the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant. His conclusion makes perfect sense because when things are where they are supposed to be, you can use the time more efficiently and creatively.

You can’t do great work without a clean, organised stress free space. It’s hard to concentrate with piles of junk and receipts all over the desk. The ideal home office should combine a stylish look with a clutter-free working environment. Follow our top tips on organising and invest in a few beautiful and practical storage solutions. We believe that style and productivity need not be mutually exclusive.

  • Take Note

Start with a shiny new organising notebook, make a list of the items you need to keep, goals you would like to achieve, deadlines you need to meet. Prioritise by sector – work, family, home.NLNC101 HIGH RES 3

  • Fear of Filing

Label and alphabetise paperwork before filing it in magazine files so that you can easily find it again. Stick to the same kind of container for visual impact. A couple of shelves above the desk will accommodate a row of matching magazine files. Store as much information as you can online and edit paperwork once a week.


  • Board Meeting

Inspirational images can be an important part of your space to keep ideas flowing. Create your own personal mood board with one of our glass notice boards so that you can easily update the gallery when something catches your eye.

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  • In and Out

A stylish two tier in-tray will neatly store urgent documents and we suggest separating paperwork in clear A4 folders so that you can retrieve any item in an instant. Stick to work needing immediate action in the in-trays and operate an in/out system when you have dealt with an item.


  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Drawer dividers will contain and control your stationery in little compartments and a cool desk tidy is perfect for reminders, leaflets, mail and invitations. Pick a pretty matching pen pot and treat yourself to some new pens.


  • Bare Necessities

Personal items like phone, keys, specs and a drinking glass can be kept within reach but confined to a lovely tray. No more scrabbling around the desk trying to find them in a hurry.


  • Recycle In Style

Regularly clear out old magazines, paperwork, scribbled notes and reminders. You may as well find a stylish wastepaper bin large and strong enough for the job.

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  • The Edit

Invest in a freestanding designer bookcase and store favourite books in size order or by category.ATDLMS102 HIGH RES 1 square

  • Receipt Please

Perhaps your desk drawers, purse and bag are bulging with receipts. Simply choose a cute lidded container and drop them all in as they accumulate. You can sort through them when you need to, but at least you won’t have them lost.

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  • Work It

Streamline, edit and digitise your home office into a productive workspace.



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