Getting organised allows you to breathe better
If your home is cluttered this generally means that it also needs cleaning. It is very difficult to clean around clutter. Allergies can also be triggered by dust and this can affect overall health. When you reduce clutter you can clean your home quickly and easily and maintain a healthy environment for the whole family.

Getting organised reduces stress
If you regularly waste time trying to find things you have mislaid, catching up on tasks you have fallen behind on or searching for clothes in the morning, then your stress levels and blood pressure will be high. When you are organised you give your mind and body the chance to relax and de-stress.

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Getting organised creates time to exercise
We all would love to achieve optimum health and this includes time to exercise. When you are organised you can easily build exercise into your daily routine. In addition to this, decluttering and organising uses up energy and adds to your overall wellbeing.

Getting organised creates time to eat healthily
You may feel that you are time poor and so rely on ready meals and convenience food and longterm this is a big risk to your health. When you are organised you will have created more time to eat well balanced homemade healthy food.

Getting organised reduces accidents
When your home is disorganised you are at much higher risk of a fire (papers and magazines), spills (there is nowhere to set a cup down) an unexpected fall (tripping over stuff on the floor). When you are organised your home will be a safer and more welcoming place to be in.

Getting organised can make you and other happier
Being disorganised can adversely affect those around you – like family and friends. Perhaps your children are regularly late for school because your schedule is chaotic and you are always running behind time. Your partner may find it increasingly stressful to live with someone disorganised. These types of problems are a constant source of tension. Very serious relationship problems can evolve from being disorganised. When you are organised you and the people around you will spend less time stressed and arguing and more time feeling relaxed and happy.



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