Entrance halls, corridors, stairs and landings are transitory spaces that people rush through on the way to somewhere else. They also have hugely neglected storage potential and design opportunities. If you want to avoid the hall of shame look, where visitors have to fight their way past the bike, kicked- off shoes, post, discarded bags and coats -then you need to organise this space and invest in great storage solutions. Don’t let these areas in your home become dead space. Make a fab first impression!


Hinza Bag; Normann Copenhagen Sko Shoe Rack; 10 Gruppen Zibidie Tote

Well Hung
You may as well make a statement with a really sleek coat rack and always go larger than you think you need, taking into account visitors needing somewhere to hang their things. Seasonal coats can be put away for six months and infrequently worn items can live in the bedroom or spare room wardrobe. If you have a young family, put up a row of low hooks, so that children can easily hang up their own things as they come in.

L1CR101 HIGH RES (5)

Linea 1 Coat Rack

All keyed Up
If you are the kind of person who puts your keys down in a different place every time you come in, it’s easy to spend minutes every day, adding up to hours a month, looking for them. A simple solution is a loose change and key tray to drop them into on the way in. Pick one that can also hold your mobile or sunglasses ready for when you are rushing out the door.


Room Copenhagen Key Tray

Sorting Office
Piles of unopened mail and flyers are a common feature in most hallways and can quickly become a disorganised mess. Open mail as soon as you can and dump all flyers and packaging straight away. A mail tidy with separate sections allows you to store letters neatly until everyone in the house has a chance to deal with them. If you have a home office, open your own mail in there straight over the bin.

Maze Mail Tidy

It’s A Shoe In
Shoes are the biggest clutter problem in a hall and the solution is to divide and conquer . Ditch the grubby old trainers. Walking boots and sports shoes can be stored in sports bags, utility rooms, or at the back door. Choose a really well designed two tier shoe rack- any higher will look a mess. The best shoe racks hold approximately 8 pairs in a neat and orderly fashion. Dressy shoes and seldom worn children’s shoes can be stored in the bedroom. Seasonal shoes can be stored in a box under the bed, on the top shelf of the wardrobe or in the attic. Toddlers tiny shoes can look great rounded up in a basket near the door.


Normann Copenhagen Sko Shoe Rack

Below Stairs
Don’t let precious space under the stairs go to waste. With a little thought and planning you can replace the cupboard full of jumble with a streamlined storage space. Hang hooks to allow you to use wall space more efficiently and if there is enough space adds shelves for concealed storage. Line up labelled boxes on the shelves to store items together grouped like with like. If you have an alcove space rather than a cupboard you may be able to fit in a small chest of drawers combining storage and a useful display surface.

DHSWCS100 HIGH RES 2 (800x521)

Design House Stockholm Wave Coat Rack

Stairway to heaven
Long halls and stairways are much more interesting when you take the opportunity to use them as a focal point for your own personal gallery. A collection of prints or photographs can look stunning grouped together on the wall going up the stairs. If you are constantly carrying things up and down stairs put a lovely bag or basket to use to make life easier.


Perigot Multipurpose Basket

Console Yourself
Even a skinny hall may be able to house a slim line console table. Always choose a console with integral drawers for extra storage, The surface will provide the perfect space for a drop key tray and mail tidy.

ATDLMC101 HIGH RES 1 square

And Then Design Lean Man Console

Happy Landings
Almost every landing has storage potential beyond the obvious. When you are planning organised storage for the rooms in your home, don’t neglect the potential of the connecting areas between them. A corridor can be turned into a comprehensive storage space with floor to ceiling cupboards handy for stashing stuff away. If you have a deep landing, consider a tall cupboard or chest of drawers to house spare bedding and linens.



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