Expert Packing Tips


Trust me, you don’t need to bring nearly as much as you think. Lay everything out on your bed a day or two before travel and then gradually take half away – you don’t need all that stuff!  Use a packing list and stick to it, this will also stop you stressing that you have forgotten something.

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Knock Knock Pack This Pad

If you travel regularly, keep a set of basics in your travel bag.  Include ear plugs, medicines, sleep mask, hand sanitiser, essential lavender oil and travel size toiletries.  Keep a ’round the world’ adaptor rather than one suited for the country you are going to.

Pick clothes in two to three colours only, then a small number of clothes can be mixed and matched to create a different look every day. I always pack indigo, white and cerise. You can add extra colour with scarves and accessories.

Lots of layering options reduces the need to pack lots of warm clothes. Camisoles, short and long sleeved t shirts will take up little space and a cashmere jumper or cardigan is the perfect final layer and you can wear it travelling along with a jacket and your heaviest shoes

Roll stuff, don’t fold it-rolled clothes are less likely to wrinkle and take up less space. Fold all clothes in half, then roll and pack in layers. The exceptions to this are jackets and dresses that can just be folded in half.  Pack shoes round the side of the case and fill with underwear and socks.

It will be incredibly easy to find things in your case if you use travel pouches for specialist items like electrical chargers, lingerie, swimsuits. We like Flight 001 travel organisers as they are waterproof and machine washable and come in their own pouch that can also be used to store small essentials.


Flight 001 Beachwear Bag

Pure cotton Hamman towels are fantastically versatile and lightweight and can be used as a sarong, wrap, towel or picnic blanket. They also dry really quickly.


A little white dress will go with everything and can be dressed up or down with a scarf, jewellery and metallic sandals or heels.

A small clutch bag can be used to transport jewellery and then as a bag at your destination. It needs to be just big enough for a phone, currency, cards and your passport.


Lacambra Wristlet Wallet

Ziplock bags and clear travel cosmetic bags are perfect for separating liquids from the rest of your luggage to avoid spills ruing your clothing.


Flight 001 Quart Bag

Downsize everything-decant all your favourite toiletries into small containers and use mini versions you have picked up at hotels on other trips. Airport pharmacies always have a great selection of travel minis too.

Bring only one pair of high heeled shoes in a neutral colour like tan or metallic that will go with everything. One pair of flip flops, one pair of sandals and a really comfortable pair like converse for walking and travelling.

Download guidebooks and general reading onto your ipad or a kindle to save space and weight.

Always pack at least one scarf and travel wearing one. They can dress up an outfit, add warmth at night, help cover up in more conservative destinations and serve as a pillow on the plane.

If like me you need a room to be very dark to sleep well, pack a few wooden clothes pegs to hold curtains together and also to hang small thing to dry off a hanger.

Make your luggage noticeable with a bright luggage strap or tag so that you can find it easily at the airport. Keep your passport and ticket and travel documents to hand in a travel organiser that is easy to find in your bag.

Marks Tokyo Travel

Marks Tokyo Travel Organiser

Nearly everywhere you go will have most things you really need so you can buy something if you are stuck, enabling you to make sure your trip is filled with experiences rather than clutter! Happy Travelling


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