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Have you ever wondered why some people’s homes appear to be so well organised when you struggle on a daily basis to find your possessions or tick things off your To Do List? Read the top habits of highly organised people so that you too can lead a simpler, less stressful life!

1. They have a place for everything. Every item they own has an assigned home. Light bulbs live in the utility room, toys in the playroom, paperwork in the home office.

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2. They store like with like. Grouping and storing objects together makes it easy for anyone in the house to find things. Wherever possible they also logically store items in the rooms in which they are used.

3. They put things back. Whenever they have finished with a belonging they immediately return it to it’s assigned home. There are no temporary storing areas – it is simply put back right away where it belongs. This way clutter never builds up.

4. They don’t procrastinate. When something has to be done, organised people schedule in time to do it. They know that the more they delay, the more likely deadlines with be missed and opportunities will pass them by.

 5. They write things down. Organised people don’t try to remember everything they have to do in their heads. They make lists and notes and keep these in one place such as a notebook or planner or on their computer. More importantly they reference their notes and lists on a daily basis and tick off tasks as they are completed.

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6. They don’t allow papers to pile up. Papers are filed every day and mail is opened over the waste paper basket so that unnecessary papers don’t have a chance to multiply. Magazines and newspapers are read and recycled.

7. They set goals and assign deadlines. To get tasks finished on time they devise a realistic date and timeline for completion. They set goals and dedicate time each day to work on achieving them. Then they can review what they have accomplished and feel the psychological reward.

8. They only keep items they use or love. Organised people don’t want anything that doesn’t have a useful or pleasurable purpose in their lives taking up space. By editing their possessions and simplifying their environment they benefit from a lighter feeling and can enjoy the calm organised space that is their home.

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‘Tis the Season to Declutter

Just getting rid of old magazines, newspapers, used toiletries, broken toys and out of date food will make your home feel less cluttered. Go through the family’s clothes and drop off the unwanted items to a charity shop to make room for new gifts.


Xmono gift wrap

It’s a Wrap

Collate wrapping supplies like scissors, tape, cards, gift tags and pens in one box ready to go. Simplify things by using a different coloured wrap for each member of the family.  It’s always worth the time to use tissue paper and ribbons to finish off each parcel.

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House of Cards

Rather than clutter up every available surface with Christmas cards, simply hang them on a wall using gold, silver or coloured miniature clothes pegs and a matching line. Set up your Christmas card list on the computer and print off address labels to save time.

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Light My Fire

Stock up on pre cut kindling and chopped logs so you have a plentiful dry supply ready by the fire. A lovely log basket will add to the cosy winter look of a room.


Food Heaven

Take the bulky packaging off your groceries and use beautiful bowls and jars to store and display the extra fruit, nuts, biscuits and chocolates. Store like with like in one container for the chicest display.


Don’t Get Caught Out

Have the following at home and pre wrapped or bagged with no label for surprise gifts and visitors. Wine, luxury dark chocolates, Himalayan pink sea salt, seriously good olive oil and any homemade biscuits or sweets.



Store Christmas decorations away in plastic lidded boxes and group by colour so that you can easily find them next year. Stack them in the attic out of the way to save space.

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Light The Way

A quick and low cost way to transform any room for Christmas is to have lots of fairy lights and candles to add atmosphere. To avoid tangled tree lights next year store them wrapped around a piece of cardboard in a box.


Set the Scene

If you haven’t room for a wardrobe in your guest room, invest in a lovely clothes rack and all matching hangers for your guests. Thoughtful details like fresh flowers, soft towels, magazines by the bed and a scented candle make all the difference to a room.

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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

If like me you hate to see all the dead Christmas trees out by the bins in the New Year, then rent a Living Tree delivered to your door and picked up again after Christmas to be replanted. The ultimate green Christmas gift for your home.

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Food Glorious Food

Book a delivery well in advance for most of the basics and bulky Christmas food shop. You can also order the turkey and ham and last minute vegetable delivery from an organic or specialist food store like Riverford online. Then you will actually enjoy shopping for a few last minute bits and pieces.

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Deck the Halls

The ‘less is more’ motto definitely applies to tree decorations. Our advice is to ditch the tinsel and use only white tree lights then the colours on the baubles will really stand out.



It is hard to beat the natural beauty of a Scandi winter scene. Pretend you are in a Scandinavian country and wish for snow. Wishing you a happy, snowy, organised and stress free Christmas!


Trinny Woodall recently contributed to our “My Organised Home” feature, telling us how being beautifully organised is the key to her sanity!

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In her home office Trinny favours Bigso of Sweden products for filing paperwork.


Bigso of Sweden

Like us, Trinny is also a big fan of clear perspex storage containers within drawers and cupboards and also for her jewellery.


Neon Living Diamond Store

Great advice from Trinny is to put away seasonal clothes twice a year creating more space in your wardrobe. We would also recommend Skinny Non-Slip Hangers which take up much less space on the rail and stop clothes dropping off onto the floor.

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Skinny Non-Slip Hangers





We are fast heading towards the peak travel season so here are the pick of the products to help get you organised. Travel light!


We have an exclusive on Flight 001 products in the UK – they are super cute and really practical. Each organising bag comes within a zip up pouch that can also be used to store items you don’t want to mislay.

Keep your delicates together and easy to find.

Flight 001 Go Clean Lingerie Bag



Watersports fanatics will love our wetsuit bag

Flight 001 Go Clean Wet Suit Bag


Take your wet swimming cossie home without soaking the rest of your stuff!

Flight 001 Go Clean Beachwear Bag


All the fashionistas love our Heels bag!

Flight 001 Go Clean Heels Bag


A slimline travel organiser keeps your ticket and passport together

Alife Design Happy Flight Travel Organiser


Alife Design’s bright luggage tags are easy to spot on the carousel

Alife Design Happy Flight Luggage Tag


Get your family coloured passport covers to make them easily identifiable

Alife Design Happy Flight Passport Holder


Need a cute make up bag?

Perigot Cosmetic Case


The ultimate packing list – just tick it all off

Knock Knock Pack This Pad

KKPTP103 HIGH RES large.tif

Are you always losing cables?

Balvi Cable Travel Case


Keep the meds handy?

Balvi Medicine Travel Case


Need a home for contact lenses, ear plugs, USB’s?

Balvi Mini Storage Boxes


Everyone in the USA uses these for organised travel

Flight 001 Carry-On Quart Bag


We shot our Organise A Drawer videos in a lovely house in London with the idea of inspiring you all to start organising in an easy way that offers fast results! Here’s a little more detail on the products we used.

Organise a kitchen drawer

Joseph Joseph Drawerstore Stowaway – A typically messy kitchen drawer will have bin bags, recycling bags, freezer bags, spare plastic bags, small bin liners, tin foil and cling film all jumbled up. The Joseph Joseph Drawerstore Stowaway swallows up the mess and creates an organised drawer. Once section holds up to 25 plastic bags and the extending section is perfect for bin bags.


AFTERTOH movie clip 10098

Design Ideas Squish Organisers – Every home has at least one junk drawer and generally they are stuffed so full you can’t open them let alone find anything you need. Divide and conquer with a host of Design Ideas Squish Drawer Organisers.  They are made from flexible, washable silicone that will last for years. Store like with like in each organiser and you can immediately see the supplies run low. As they come in different sizes, you can buy to fit any size drawer. Incredibly useful in the home office and children’s bedroom drawers.


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Balvi Extending Cutlery Drawer Organiser – We didn’t have this great cutlery organiser in time for our photo shoot, but this is the one we recommend. It expands to fit most drawers. Pure white acrylic looks fresh and is easy to clean in soapy water. Happy Organising!


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Balvi Extending Cutlery TrayBECT100

Organise a Bedroom Drawer

Neatnix Finishing Tray – We used the Neatnix Finishing Tray to illustrate make up organised neatly in a tray that can fit in a bedroom or bathroom drawer or be left out. There are other Neatnix trays that are useful for larger products. Easy to clean, long lasting acrylic.


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Balvi Pile Up Stacking Jewellery Organiser – The Balvi Pile Up Organiser is really fab for all those fiddly little items of jewellery, rings, earrings and slim necklaces. They are stackable and you can easily see the contents at a glance. Another option is the Neon Living Diamond Store which also has a lid and is made from slightly thicker acrylic.


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The Organised Home Nail Varnish Organiser – We used our own brand Nail Varnish Organiser which will be available soon on the website. Let us know if you want to place an advanced order for one when they come in. An alternative we have in stock is the Neatnix Bottles and Brushes Tray – you could store your nail varnish upright in rows in this.


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