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Tis the season of excess when an influx of gifts at Christmas can leave your home busting at the seams and your mind feeling overwhelmed. An easy and free New Year Resolution involves a home detox –divesting shelves, drawers, cupboards and wardrobes of unnecessary belongings. Streamlining your stuff and liberating your home from unwanted clutter brings freedom, relief, a sense of achievement and a bright new start to the year.

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How to tackle a January clear out
Declutter, donate or sell things you no longer love or use. Start with the easy things first –old magazines, DVD’s ,CD’s, obsolete technology, beauty products, clothes, paperwork and keepsakes. Sentimentality can slow the decision making process down so sort mementos last. Adopting a more minimalist approach to possessions is an antidote to hoarding and consumption that can lead to stuffocation. Tidy by room and sort methodically by category to break it down into a more manageable task. Be quick in reviewing your items and adding to the keep, donate or sell piles. Clearing the chaos and taking control of your home is very therapeutic. Owning less means fewer things to organise and look after –you will never regret liberating your home from clutter.

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Find more effective and chic ways of storing things you wish to keep. The Organised Home offers design–led storage solutions that fulfill form and function. Everything on this curated website has been hand-picked by Expert Organiser Romaine Lowery of The Clutter Clinic From small containers to store items in drawers and cupboards to minimalist clothes racks and storage furniture that adds the wow factor to a room –you will find something beautiful that stands the test of time. It’s definitely a case of “buy less buy better” storage solutions. Store like with like and ensure that everything has a place.

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Keeping clutter at bay
Going forward develop the habit of going to the charity shop on a regular basis. Stop clutter piling up in the first place and you will quickly appreciate that fewer possessions equals less stress. Adopt new organised habits of putting things away when you have used them. Hang clothes up and launder clothes daily and round up toys when the kids are in bed. Think before you buy as everything new you add to your home needs a place. Ditch the habit of hanging on to things “just in case” and you will simplify your life, leaving time to relax and enjoy the calm space you live in.


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BE Design Lume Coat Rack

Make room in your overstuffed wardrobe for your lovely new gifts by sorting through all your clothes and putting aside those that no longer flatter or fit to donate to charity.

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Linea 1 Paperback Shelf

If you are a book lover who received lots of new reads then take the books you won’t read again to the charity shop and invest in a cool bookcase to keep all your books on display in one place.

Pottinger Cole magazine rack

Pottinger & Cole Magi Magazine Holder

Chuck out all the Christmas catalogues and invest in a gorgeous magazine rack to keep your coffee table and living room clear of clutter.

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Mifuko Kiondo Baskets

To accommodate all those toys and books your children received for Christmas, weed out the toys and games they have outgrown and offer to friends or relatives with younger kids.



Knock Knock Note to Self Jumbo Sticky Pad

Get a “To Do” Notepad and get writing. It’s very satisfying ticking items off your list. Update this properly once a week.

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Design Ideas Simple Structure Letter Tray

Start as you mean to go on in your home office and instigate a filing system with a two tier in tray – one for household paperwork and the other for work documents.

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Design Ideas Frisco Document Box

The new school term will mean lots of paperwork coming your way! Use a different magazine file for each child to store school forms and information. Get a matching document box to store away the hundreds of pieces of artwork that come home with them.



Put all your Christmas decorations in a couple of plastic lidded boxes that are dust proof and waterproof and store away in the garage, attic or basement, freeing up valuable cupboard space. Group the tree decorations together in one box and remaining decorations in the other.

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Kann Design Fidar Sideboard

You can sell off your old DVD’s and make some cash – stop buying them in future by signing up to Netflix or similar, thus creating drawer space in your living room. Find a cool sideboard to house away all your media stuff.


Trust me, you don’t need to bring nearly as much as you think. Lay everything out on your bed a day or two before travel and then gradually take half away – you don’t need all that stuff!  Use a packing list and stick to it, this will also stop you stressing that you have forgotten something.

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Knock Knock Pack This Pad

If you travel regularly, keep a set of basics in your travel bag.  Include ear plugs, medicines, sleep mask, hand sanitiser, essential lavender oil and travel size toiletries.  Keep a ’round the world’ adaptor rather than one suited for the country you are going to.

Pick clothes in two to three colours only, then a small number of clothes can be mixed and matched to create a different look every day. I always pack indigo, white and cerise. You can add extra colour with scarves and accessories.

Lots of layering options reduces the need to pack lots of warm clothes. Camisoles, short and long sleeved t shirts will take up little space and a cashmere jumper or cardigan is the perfect final layer and you can wear it travelling along with a jacket and your heaviest shoes

Roll stuff, don’t fold it-rolled clothes are less likely to wrinkle and take up less space. Fold all clothes in half, then roll and pack in layers. The exceptions to this are jackets and dresses that can just be folded in half.  Pack shoes round the side of the case and fill with underwear and socks.

It will be incredibly easy to find things in your case if you use travel pouches for specialist items like electrical chargers, lingerie, swimsuits. We like Flight 001 travel organisers as they are waterproof and machine washable and come in their own pouch that can also be used to store small essentials.


Flight 001 Beachwear Bag

Pure cotton Hamman towels are fantastically versatile and lightweight and can be used as a sarong, wrap, towel or picnic blanket. They also dry really quickly.


A little white dress will go with everything and can be dressed up or down with a scarf, jewellery and metallic sandals or heels.

A small clutch bag can be used to transport jewellery and then as a bag at your destination. It needs to be just big enough for a phone, currency, cards and your passport.


Lacambra Wristlet Wallet

Ziplock bags and clear travel cosmetic bags are perfect for separating liquids from the rest of your luggage to avoid spills ruing your clothing.


Flight 001 Quart Bag

Downsize everything-decant all your favourite toiletries into small containers and use mini versions you have picked up at hotels on other trips. Airport pharmacies always have a great selection of travel minis too.

Bring only one pair of high heeled shoes in a neutral colour like tan or metallic that will go with everything. One pair of flip flops, one pair of sandals and a really comfortable pair like converse for walking and travelling.

Download guidebooks and general reading onto your ipad or a kindle to save space and weight.

Always pack at least one scarf and travel wearing one. They can dress up an outfit, add warmth at night, help cover up in more conservative destinations and serve as a pillow on the plane.

If like me you need a room to be very dark to sleep well, pack a few wooden clothes pegs to hold curtains together and also to hang small thing to dry off a hanger.

Make your luggage noticeable with a bright luggage strap or tag so that you can find it easily at the airport. Keep your passport and ticket and travel documents to hand in a travel organiser that is easy to find in your bag.

Marks Tokyo Travel

Marks Tokyo Travel Organiser

Nearly everywhere you go will have most things you really need so you can buy something if you are stuck, enabling you to make sure your trip is filled with experiences rather than clutter! Happy Travelling

A: Act now to get organised –don’t procrastinate

B: Buy less buy better

C: Containerise – store like with like in matching containers

D: Declutter – you can’t organise properly until you get rid of stuff

E: Eliminate the unloved things and display the treasured

F: File don’t pile – keep on top of paperwork as it comes in.

G: Give the things you no longer use or love to charity or friends

H: Home – organise and love the home you are in

I: Identify – wherever possible label the contents of boxes, containers and folders

J: Judgement – use your judgement to prioritise your possessions

K: Knowledge – know what methods of organising will fit your lifestyle

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L: Lists – never underestimate the power of a to do list

M: Motivation – once you get started the results will motivate you to continue

N: Negativity – clutter has a negative effect on your health and wellbeing

O: Organisation – reduces stress and will save you time and money

P: Plan in the time to get organised and a reward on completion

Q: Quality not quantity will simplify your life

R: Room by room-is the best way to break tasks down

S: Storage products will help you stay organised

T: Turn your clutter into cash on ebay or Gumtree

U: Utilise neglected wall space with beautiful shelves or storage cabinets

V: Visualise yourself in an organised home

W: Write a plan and act on it

X: X marks the spot-pick a room and begin

Y: You deserve an organised living space to relax in

Z: Zone the areas of your home and store things near where you use them

Getting organised allows you to breathe better
If your home is cluttered this generally means that it also needs cleaning. It is very difficult to clean around clutter. Allergies can also be triggered by dust and this can affect overall health. When you reduce clutter you can clean your home quickly and easily and maintain a healthy environment for the whole family.

Getting organised reduces stress
If you regularly waste time trying to find things you have mislaid, catching up on tasks you have fallen behind on or searching for clothes in the morning, then your stress levels and blood pressure will be high. When you are organised you give your mind and body the chance to relax and de-stress.

Toj clothes rack

Getting organised creates time to exercise
We all would love to achieve optimum health and this includes time to exercise. When you are organised you can easily build exercise into your daily routine. In addition to this, decluttering and organising uses up energy and adds to your overall wellbeing.

Getting organised creates time to eat healthily
You may feel that you are time poor and so rely on ready meals and convenience food and longterm this is a big risk to your health. When you are organised you will have created more time to eat well balanced homemade healthy food.

Getting organised reduces accidents
When your home is disorganised you are at much higher risk of a fire (papers and magazines), spills (there is nowhere to set a cup down) an unexpected fall (tripping over stuff on the floor). When you are organised your home will be a safer and more welcoming place to be in.

Getting organised can make you and other happier
Being disorganised can adversely affect those around you – like family and friends. Perhaps your children are regularly late for school because your schedule is chaotic and you are always running behind time. Your partner may find it increasingly stressful to live with someone disorganised. These types of problems are a constant source of tension. Very serious relationship problems can evolve from being disorganised. When you are organised you and the people around you will spend less time stressed and arguing and more time feeling relaxed and happy.



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