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This month both Delicious Magazine and Psychologies have included our Uashmama Paper Storage Bags in their product pages. We first spotted them in a lovely deli near Byron Bay. They are made of Tyvek, an ultra strong washable paper.


We tracked down the bags to Italy, to a family run firm Le Sorelle run by four beautiful sisters. They took the concept of the traditional paper bag and combined it with modern technology to develop long life storage.


The bags feel like leather, wash like fabric and flatten for easy storage.


The clever design means that the top of the bag can be rolled to suit the contents.


The Totty Tote Bag is also made of Tyvek and is the perfect size to accommodate an iPad, phone, make up and all your daily essentials.


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Psychologies Magazine

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The Organised Home recently had a fab review on Living Etc.’s blog. Click link below to see the article.


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Journalist Louise Atkinson asked me to come over to declutter and organise her wardrobe for Woman & Home Magazine. Within 4 hours we had made a decision on every piece of clothing based on how flattering it was, what condition it was in, how long since it had been worn and most importantly did she love it.

Once we had sorted through everything I organised the clothes by type – all skirts together, jeans, dresses etc – then, within each sector, in colour order from dark to light making it really easy to find what you are looking for.

All the hangers were changed for either slim wood hangers or Skinny Non-Slip hangers, which can double the amount of clothes you can fit in your wardrobe. The silicone grip on the non-slip hangers stops the bottom of the wardrobe piling up with the items that have fallen off when you look for something in a rush. A simple tip is to make sure you use matching hangers all facing the same way so they don’t get caught up in each other.


Next we emptied everything from the bulging chest of drawers to check through t-shirts, jumpers, scarves and lingerie. With space created in the wardrobe we moved jumpers there and were then able to allocate more drawer space for sock, tights, lingerie, nightwear and t-shirts. We used Bigso of Sweden Drawer Organisers to stop everything getting jumbled up within the drawers.


A mixture of many tiny, fiddly jewellery containers was abandoned in favour of Balvi Pile Up Jewellery Organisers that are stackable and made from clear Perspex so that you can see your jewellery. These have individual sections for rings, necklaces and earrings.



Having created space at the bottom of Louise’s wardrobe by culling the never worn shoe pile, we used two Perigot Storage Baskets which are made from Tyvek, an ultra strong and washable type of paper. These look great and are practical for storing items that don’t need ironing like fleeces or winter scarves, gloves and hats.


Louise describes the experience and recommends products from The Organised Home in the article. Given that she wasn’t actually feeling well on the day, she was brilliant at making decisions and donated 3 full bags of clothes to charity.

It is incredibly therapeutic to sort through your clothes and, once done, you will save time every day getting ready in the morning and be less stressed about finding something to wear. Keep order in check by going through the same process twice a year and also store away seasonal clothes at the same time.

Finally, a good clear out means you can see which items you are actually in need of whether it is one lovely new dress, a belt or a new pair of shoes. Try to think before you buy, always try on in the shop to avoid buying mistakes and make sure it is something you feel great in. Any excuse to go shopping!


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