Happy Christmas and an Organised New Year

Tis the season of excess when an influx of gifts at Christmas can leave your home busting at the seams and your mind feeling overwhelmed. An easy and free New Year Resolution involves a home detox –divesting shelves, drawers, cupboards and wardrobes of unnecessary belongings. Streamlining your stuff and liberating your home from unwanted clutter brings freedom, relief, a sense of achievement and a bright new start to the year.

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How to tackle a January clear out
Declutter, donate or sell things you no longer love or use. Start with the easy things first –old magazines, DVD’s ,CD’s, obsolete technology, beauty products, clothes, paperwork and keepsakes. Sentimentality can slow the decision making process down so sort mementos last. Adopting a more minimalist approach to possessions is an antidote to hoarding and consumption that can lead to stuffocation. Tidy by room and sort methodically by category to break it down into a more manageable task. Be quick in reviewing your items and adding to the keep, donate or sell piles. Clearing the chaos and taking control of your home is very therapeutic. Owning less means fewer things to organise and look after –you will never regret liberating your home from clutter.

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Find more effective and chic ways of storing things you wish to keep. The Organised Home offers design–led storage solutions that fulfill form and function. Everything on this curated website has been hand-picked by Expert Organiser Romaine Lowery of The Clutter Clinic From small containers to store items in drawers and cupboards to minimalist clothes racks and storage furniture that adds the wow factor to a room –you will find something beautiful that stands the test of time. It’s definitely a case of “buy less buy better” storage solutions. Store like with like and ensure that everything has a place.

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Keeping clutter at bay
Going forward develop the habit of going to the charity shop on a regular basis. Stop clutter piling up in the first place and you will quickly appreciate that fewer possessions equals less stress. Adopt new organised habits of putting things away when you have used them. Hang clothes up and launder clothes daily and round up toys when the kids are in bed. Think before you buy as everything new you add to your home needs a place. Ditch the habit of hanging on to things “just in case” and you will simplify your life, leaving time to relax and enjoy the calm space you live in.



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