Design Talk:


 1. How would you describe Kristalia's unique style and aesthetic?
    • Minimalism, clean lines, technological research (unusual materials)

    • 2. When starting a new project, what is the creative process each product goes through?

      A new project has two beginnings: it can be a designer who offers us an idea, or we can be the ones who ask the designer to develop a project. The first part is the development of the idea of the designer, and then the art director comes into play, who verifies that the product is in line with the Kristalia philosophies (ie. it fits comfortably with the rest of the production) and technicians. The largest percentage of work, however, is that of internal technological development.

3. When looking for new ideas is there a particular thing you do to look for inspiration?

For a while we were looking for materials and other manufacturing industries: automotive industry, sports equipment. Because in our district these are the best companies in these sectors. Now it is the suppliers who propose to us a new material or a new technology.


4. How do you view the development of storage products in interior design?

This world is very complex so now we focus almost exclusively on tables and chairs. We can not be the best at everything!

 5. How do you feel your products fulfil both form and function?

Development of a product for us must be within the rules of design, a product must be beautiful but also respond to a demand, a need. We try to explore new forms of development, from a technological point of view, or use unusual materials for this world. We try to be essential in the product range that we present, for this you do not often see new product launches; better to have a few but correct. As a small company we can not afford mistakes.


                • 6. What was the thinking behind the design of the Duty Box?

                  When we thought of this product for the market there were only open shelves for the entrance area, or mono-functional. The idea was to combine two elements: a mirror and a container. So you have a functional and beautiful product, which has its own life.

      7. How long does it take to develop a product through design, prototype, production and into shops?

      Minimum one year, but in recent years even 3 to 4 years. This is because we want to be sure that products going to market are perfect. In fact there are a whole series of internal tests we do, that are well beyond those required by certification. We do not need to hurry to introduce new products but only to present products ready for sale. We are sure of what we develop so don't attend fairs to see if customers like the product and then decide whether or not to develop it, as do many other companies.

8. Which beautifully designed storage or organising product do you covet?

RANDOM. Designed by Neuland.



9. Are you fanatical about buying great storage for your own home?

No, currently in our house we have Blio (eBooks).


10. Do you have any great organising tips you can pass on?

We are fanatics of the superfluous, at home we don't want anything that we don't actually need. In our homes you will hardly ever see accessories that only serve as decorative. The time saved in dusting we use in other ways.